Feel At Home In A Serviced Holiday Apartment

A review of our serviced apartment in Cardiff

Near the end of our trip to the UK last year we were very tired having travelled the length and breadth of the UK and stayed in various types of accommodation during our adventure.

We had three days left and had not booked our accommodation in Wales. Not being the summer season we did not think it worth it to book something in advance. How wrong we were. We had not taken into account that although the Rugby World Cup (amazing sport by the way!) was being held in London, a few of the off- shoot games were actually taking place in our destination – Cardiff. Everywhere was completely booked out! Not one place was available. As it got closer to the time that we had to leave our present hotel and travel to Cardiff we felt more anxious that we would not have anywhere to stay – we had heard very good things about Cardiff.

At the last minute we were saved by a small hotel owner who said he had the one of the last serviced apartments Cardiff had to offer. We were wondering that this could be a terrible move and kept asking ourselves why this apartment could be available.

It turns out that despite most of the accommodation being booked out several months before we arrived, the owner of this apartment company – The Cardiff Apartment.

I can honestly say that for the price we paid these apartments were the best holiday accommodation of our whole trip. They were clean, modern, comfortable. Just about everything you would want in a place to stay. The location was fantastic, so much so in fact that we actually felt guilty that we were so close the action and we are not even Rugby fans. We heard stories of fans staying up to 50 miles away from the city because they could not get accommodation closer.

Cardiff itself was a fantastic city and although it is a capital city, it is a capital which still feels like a small town with heart.

Cardiff Millennium Stadium detailed seating plan with seat numbe

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